Monthly Round-Up: November

As sad as I am to say it, my London trip has already come and gone. But now, you get to see all my pictures!

(It’s not as fun as it sounds. I’m a terrible photographer, and old palaces don’t let you take pictures. That’s why there are no photos of me pretending to marry Prince Harry in St. George’s Chapel. But humor me, won’t you?)

My trip was wonderful, just over way too soon! This time we did Windsor Palace, Kensington Palace (home of, among others, Will and Kate and the kids, who we regrettably didn’t see), the Museum of London, and Borough Market. My husband unfortunately wrecked his knee trying to stay upright on the Tube at rush hour so Friday was a bit of a bust, as he couldn’t walk, but we still had a great time. Of course there are hundreds of things I missed; no matter how many times I go to England, I’ll never see everything I want. But I did love the things we did see, and London at Christmas is magical. Just the way the entrances to the department stores are lit – I couldn’t get over it! I tried to get a photo of Harvey Nichols from a moving bus, but it didn’t work all that well.

We stayed in Kensington, about a two-minute walk from the Earl’s Court Underground station. It was a perfect area to stay – two grocery stores, a few pubs and other restaurants, Boots (where I ended up buying my husband a knee brace to get him to Heathrow), all within walking distance, and easy access to anywhere we needed to be. I walked the Broad Walk at Kensington Palace, saw Henry VIII’s grave at Windsor (which was surprisingly easy to miss; considering he was the 16th-century answer to Donald Trump, I expected a lot more ostentation and not a plain black plaque in the floor), stood in the room in which Queen Victoria was born (and fixed my hair in one of her mirrors), and stocked up on good Cadbury chocolate, Hobnobs and shortbread, and walked away from Twinings with quite the haul. I ate fish and chips and steak and ale pie, had tea every morning, and bought groceries from the local M&S Foodhall. 

It never gets old. My spiritual connection with London is something in which I’ll always feel the need to indulge, and stepping off the plane at Heathrow feels like coming home from a long vacation. I’m counting the seconds until I get to go back!

Head over to Flickr and check out my photo albums, and you can also look at the photos from my first trip in 2014!

See you in December!

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