Monthly Round-Up: August

Here we are. The end of August. Staring down Labor Day weekend, teetering on the precipice of autumn. I don’t care what Andy Williams said – this is the most wonderful time of the year (although Christmas is a very close second, which is why I write about it). Let’s face it: I’m basic. Hand me a PSL, a cardigan and a pair of boots, and I am one happy girl. Although we still probably have six weeks (at least) until it’s cardigan-and-boot weather, we’re so close I can practically taste the pumpkin spice. In fact, I have, several times, since Dunkin’ Donuts released it last week.

I’m also looking even further forward. I’ve been making some serious progress on A Holiday Gift, and it’s starting to look good for a Christmas in July 2020 release! To stay on top of what’s happening with it and other things I’m working on, and to get a free Silver Bells short story (and a gift on your birthday, if you choose to provide it!) just sign up for my new mailing list! I have no plans to spam you, but it’ll be the best way to learn all the news as soon as it happens. And I’ll probably include some cat pictures, too.

In addition to putting together a newsletter community, I’ve been doing some other things, too! Here’s a round-up of what I did in August:


I read my first Lauren Layne romance this month – The Prenup, a really entertaining story about a green-card marriage that has the potential to turn real after ten years pass and the husband decides he wants out. I enjoyed this story so much! The spoiled-turned-selfless heroine, who borders on Carrie Bradshaw-ism but manages to stay on the side of endearing rather than toppling into obnoxious. The glitzy Manhattan setting. the simmering, slow-burn romance…it had everything I want from a summer rom-com. I recommend it, and will be checking out her other books for sure!


I think I’ve discovered my favorite podcast. Ever.

I might focus on contemporary romance now, but my first book was historical fiction that centered on the Tudors, and my interest in the noble houses of the world hasn’t waned. This podcast is only four episodes in, and the two-week wait between episodes is agonizing, but I love this podcast. If you’re a royal watcher like me or have even a passing interest in history, I cannot recommend this show enough. I listen through Apple iTunes, but you can get it on IHeartRadio, Spotify, and elsewhere.


I’ve mentioned my vegan critique partner before, and how I enjoy the challenge of coming up with delicious things to contribute when it’s my turn to bake something for our monthly meeting. This past month, I discovered a vegan berry crisp that turned out so delicious it didn’t even register that it was healthy. I’m not even grain-free, but I loved the texture of the almond meal/pecan/coconut topping, and of course the lack of butter never hurt anyone. It was so good I can’t wait to adapt it for fall with apples and pears, maybe even with a couple of cranberries tossed in!

That’s it for August! How did you spend the last full month of summer? Let me know in the comments!

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