Monthly Round-Up: July

Whoa, we’re halfway there…

To the end of summer, that is. I’m officially breaking my promise not to complain about summer. It has been hot. It has been humid. It has been rainy. And it has sucked. Well, not totally – there have been some fun bits. Like my 4th of July barbecue, my best friend’s 6th of July barbecue, shopping with my sister, and relaxing hours at the pool…but honestly? I’m over it. I’m over the sweat, the frizz, the bugs, and my air conditioner’s valiant but pitiful attempts to cool me off. Bring on fall. Bring it now.


I’ve spent most of the last month holed up inside my house, where I’m reminded almost daily that it probably wasn’t the best idea to buy a 120-year-old house. For all its historic charm, it has no central air. In my next life, or when I hit the lottery, that’s definitely first on the list of requirements. But it’s also meant I have ample time to read, cook, and watch Netflix from my bedroom, the only room that gets cool enough to be comfortable for me. Here’s a rundown of things I did in July.


A few weeks ago, I listed the books at the top of my TBR pile. One of them was Summer at Firefly Beach, the newest release from Jenny Hale. Over the last week I read it (digital) cover to cover, and absolutely loved it. Such a perfect, sparkly summer story, and there’s more where it came from! It was my first Jenny Hale novel and I can’t wait to binge the rest of them. The Summer House is waiting for me on my Kindle as we speak!


Summer is the perfect time for guilty-pleasure TV, and nothing is more guiltily pleasurable than a Lifetime movie. Now, with streaming TV, a whole world of campy domestic thrillers has opened up to us. Last week I watched Secret Obsession, a Lifetime-style movie about a woman with amnesia who struggles to remember her life with her devoted, loving husband. Or is he? This movie was a fun romp, an entertaining way to spend two hours when writer’s block had set in hard. It’s streaming now on Netflix.


I’m not going to blow any minds by saying that summer is a good time to grill. We’ve been doing it a lot – same as 95% of the population, I’m sure. But what I have been doing is trying new marinades. As anyone who has ever grocery shopped with me will know, since they tease me about it, I buy a lot of chicken. It’s cheap, it’s versatile, it’s a blank canvas. And it grills up great. This month, both for convenience and for variety, I’ve tried a couple of the marinades I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Whenever boneless, skinless chicken breasts are on sale I stock up, portion them out, mix up a couple of marinades, and stick them in the freezer for any night I’m lacking in imagination and just want something easy and tasty. My favorites have been this Greek marinade, this other Greek marinade, this beer marinade, and this honey mustard marinade.

That’s all for this month! What have you been doing in July?

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