Monthly Round-Up: April

It’s the end of April, and it feels like we’re quickly approaching summer. It’s a little more difficult to get into the swing of writing a Christmas book when the temperatures are surging into the 70s (and even 80s, at least at the time of writing this), but even though I didn’t hit my Camp NaNo goal, I did add about 10,000 new words to A Holiday Gift and, more importantly, I’ve gotten into a groove with the story. New ideas are exploding in my mind on an almost daily basis, which is something that hasn’t happened with this story until now. I’m having a great time writing it, and I can’t wait to incorporate all of these ideas. I also met a great group of ladies whose books I’m looking forward to reading, and who have made camp so much fun!

April feels like it flew by, but even though I didn’t do much else but work on the book, I was able to come up with a few things I enjoyed this month when I wasn’t writing. Enjoy!


Last weekend my sister needed to take a break from studying for her insurance license exam, so we took a trip to Barnes and Noble. As convenient as Amazon is, there’s still something I love so much about walking into an actual bookstore. I’d had this book on my wish list for a while, and it was right there on the table when I walked in, so I picked it up. I read it within a week. Those who compare it to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train weren’t far off – it has the unreliable narrator thing down pat, and even though I figured out the first twist about 1/3 of the way in, there were enough left to keep me turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I got an air fryer for Christmas last year, and I’ve been trying to make more and more in it. I’ve met with great success making Skinnytaste’s air-fried pork chops, potatoes, and even Brussels sprouts – everything comes out brown, crispy, and delicious. When my best friend decided to host a game night at her house, I decided to use it to try a buffalo chicken egg roll recipe I’d long had my eye on – Skinnytaste’s, of course. And as usual, it turned out SO GOOD! I did find that the cook time and temperature were a bit off – I cooked the first batch per the instructions, then on the next batch, hiked up the temperature 10 degrees and added two minutes to the cook time, and they came out perfect. It might just be my air fryer, so I’d definitely recommend following the recipe and then adjusting if necessary. You can always cook more, but it’s kind of hard to unburn something. In fact, they turned out so well that I’m kind of on an egg roll kick, and tonight for dinner I’ll be making a southwestern chicken version. If it turns out well, I’ll probably post it next month!


Enough said.


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