Review: Puzzle Pieces by Rachael Bloome

Elle is an app developer whose claim to fame is Puzzle Pieces, an app which aims to find a person’s perfect match. Inspired by her parents’ storybook romance and still mourning their deaths years later, she is unnerved when she learns that her best friend from school, Graham, has returned to town for his brother’s wedding. There’s a history between them that unfolds bit by bit as the story progresses, and while in many stories a similar history might feel predictable, Puzzle Pieces was such a  fun and refreshing story it didn’t even occur to me to expect it – I wanted to watch it unfold for myself as it unfolded for them. Short and sweet, it didn’t disappoint.

I read this adorable novella back in February, and have been sitting on simply because I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want to subject anyone else to the same disappointment I felt over the fact that this is so far Rachael Bloome’s only book. There are others in the pipeline, but as soon as I read the last page of this Valentine’s Day story, I wanted more, and I didn’t want to have to wait.

It’s a testament to Ms. Bloome that I felt that way, since as much as I love sweet romance novels – both reading them and writing them – it’s unusual for me to devour one as quickly as I did this and immediately start looking for the next book. She has an engaging writing style and was easily able to pull me into the story of Elle and Graham, characters I could easily see myself befriending in real life. Puzzle Pieces is a memorable first step into what will surely be a long and successful publishing career – and even better, it’s free when you sign up to receive Rachael’s newsletter!

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