Review: Don’t Touch My Petunia by Tara Sheets

This is the sequel to Don’t Call Me Cupcake, which I reviewed in October 2018. Check out that review here!

Now that the holidays are over and I’ve had my fill of sweet and sparkly Christmas romances (well, except the one I’m writing), I decided it was time to read Don’t Touch My Petunia, the second book by Tara Sheets involving the Holloway girls and their magic. I loved Don’t Call Me Cupcake, and its follow-up was just as enchanting as I expected. I may have even liked it a little better. Juliette was such a fun character, and Logan a worthwhile adversary-slash-love interest, that I was promptly sucked into their story and it didn’t let me go until the last page.

About a year after the events of Don’t Call Me Cupcake, Juliette is planning to buy the flower shop in which she works from Romeo, her boss and its current owner. With her magic connection to plants and her ability to make them thrive, she’s a natural fit. But first Romeo plans to renovate the shop and hires his nephew, Logan O’Connor, newly returned from a stint in the army – and to whom Juliette, as a fourteen-year-old girl, professed her love, only to have him leave town.

She’s not happy to see Logan, but she has to learn to deal with it – he’ll be working with her, after all, and she can’t very well ask Romeo to hire someone else. Meanwhile, Pine Cove Island has been invaded by celebrities, as a reality show is shooting right off the coast. Superstar Brock Templeton sets his sites on Juliette, and he proves to be a decent distraction…at first.

Juliette is funny, fierce and fragile while Logan is haunted by his memories of war. Together they make a sweet, if fiery couple and I rooted for them the entire time. We also meet Kat, who at first glance seems to have a bit of magic herself. But she’s not a Holloway…or is she?

I recommend this book to anyone interested in romances that veer slightly off the path of what you’d typically expect. It’s adorable.

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