2018: A Year in Review, and 2019: A Look Forward

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)! And here we are – at the end of 2018. In some ways this felt like the year that would never end, and in others it flew by so quickly I can’t believe we’re actually here. I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do this time last year (finish A Holiday Gift, stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine, pay off a credit card or two), but there are other things I did achieve (grow my hair past my chin for the first time since college, and stop being so much of a hypochondriac).

There’s nothing quite like a sparkly-new year on the horizon to start thinking about everything new I want to achieve. Looking forward, 2019 should be a year full of chances to reach my goals!


A Holiday Gift has been one hard book to write. You might think that a sweet holiday romance wouldn’t be so much work, but you would be wrong. After submitting a full draft to my writing partners in September 2017, it was given back to me with the sound advice that I rework it in its entirety. I spent all of 2018 trying to do this, ending December with just 6 chapters that went absolutely nowhere. It’s better than having written an entire new draft, but still disappointing. But I have ideas…this time, instead of forcing myself to stick to preconceived notions about my plot and characters, I’m going to let them take the reins. I have a lot of good ideas and I hope one of them is the path toward finally completing a good version of this story. Will it make it out by the 2019 holiday season? Who knows? But when it does, I have high hopes that it will be a story well worth waiting for.


This year saw me take some important, if behind-the-scenes, steps toward my dream of not just writing books, but designing them. I redid the cover for my first novel, Some Rise by Sin. I created several covers for my fellow Five Directions Press authors (see them here and, eventually, here), and had the amazing good fortune to connect with the romance authors behind Sheila & Swede. They took me on as their exclusive cover designer, which was a blast, and over the coming year, the first few books should hit a bookstore near you! In 2019, my goal is to put together a decent portfolio and get a website up and running so that I can start to offer my services to indie romance and historical fiction authors in need of professional formatting and beautiful covers.


As a writer/freelance designer with a desk job, it’s safe to say I sit way more than any human should. My hours also make it difficult to stay healthy – when I go to the gym right from work, I end up not eating dinner until close to 9 pm. And sometimes my day is so rough that instead of going home and cooking the healthy dinner I know I should have, I stop at the drive-thru. Well, I’m making 2019 the Year of Exercise, Healthy Food and Other Stuff That’s Good For Me (I just made that up – can you tell?). It’ll be a difficult transition, but I’m confident I can make some difference in my daily routine that will benefit me in the long run both physically and mentally.

Did you achieve any of the goals you set out for in 2018? What are you most looking forward to in 2019? Let me know in the comments below! Happy New Year!

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