Monthly Round-up: November

It’s already the end of November! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and that those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the beautiful weather. Just when summer finally came to a discernible end, my husband and I ventured to the Dominican Republic, where it was 80 degrees and humid all day, every day all over again. We were there for a week and returned just in time for the first snow. Talk about a shock to the system. I don’t mind it, though; the holiday season is here and obviously as a writer of Christmas romances, there’s no time of year I enjoy more.

I completely failed at NaNoWriMo, as always. I wish they would move it to a different month. Busy season at work ramps up just after Halloween and doesn’t stop until after the new year. Throw in Thanksgiving and I’m a colossal failure. I’ve been giving thought, however, to doing my own NaNo. Maybe in January. We’ll see.

Aside from vacationing, working, and not writing, I did a few other things in November:


There are a few ingredients that, when used together, can create a book I’m almost certain to love. Those ingredients include Christmas, London, and, of course, romance. This book had all of those and I, of course, loved it. I saw it in the airport waiting to board my plane to the DR and decided to read it as soon as I got home, wanting to save it for when I was not sweating, and as soon as I landed I devoured it. I absolutely loved it. The ending was the tiniest bit predictable, but had it ended any other way, I think I might’ve been disappointed. Plus, that cover! How could I not grab it right off the shelf at Hudson News?


The album isn’t coming out for another 2 days, but I’ve bought a few songs already and have been listening non-stop. It’s been two years since The 1975 released their last album, which I loved, and this one promises to be just as good. My favorites so far are TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME and Love It If We Made It. On November 30, it can be purchased or streamed from iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, or wherever you get your music. I can’t wait! Click the photo to be taken to the pre-order page.


Every Thanksgiving, my mom asks me to bring these rolls to dinner. I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years and they are always a hit. They require at least 3 hours, so I always start them first thing Thanksgiving morning, but this year I must have started them a bit too early, before my brain turned on. As a result, I ended up being one of those people I always swore I wouldn’t be – someone who goes to the supermarket on a holiday. In my defense, it was because I mis-calculated and added way too much dry milk and potato flakes to my flour, but had I been thinking ahead, I would have made sure I had more than just enough flour to make this recipe. I apologize to the employees of my local Acme for being one of the reasons they had to work on Thanksgiving. I know they would have been there anyway, but I still feel bad. These rolls are worth it, though. Click the image for the recipe!

So that’s all for November! It’s almost impossible to believe that by the next time I do a round-up, Christmas will already be over. In the meantime, I plan to read as many fluffy Christmas romances as I can (and hopefully get some writing done on my own), watch all the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies (my favorite, Recipe For a Perfect Christmas, is on Lifetime this Thursday and I’ve been checking the DVR religiously to make sure it’s set to record it) and eat all the cookies and other sugar-laden goodies that come my way. What are your plans for the holiday season? I’d love to know!

And if you’re looking for your own sweet holiday romance to read on these chilly winter days, might I suggest A Holiday Wish? It’s available in both print and eBook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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