Monthly Round-up: October

After a hot, soupy September, crisp, cool fall air is finally here and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. Just in time, too, since my husband and I are due to take a short vacation in the Dominican Republic next week and I would really hate to leave steamy weather for yet more steamy weather. Instead, it’ll be a nice blip of tropical warmth and when we come home, the cooler half of the year – my favorite, if I hadn’t yet made that clear – will be in full swing.

I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month, which begins just when we’ll be returning home. I’m hoping to get a significant chunk of A Holiday Gift completed – and if I do, I’ll only need about 15,000 more words to have a complete draft. That should put me right smack on schedule for a release in time for the 2019 holiday season, which is exactly what I’m aiming for. Believe it or not, book 3 has been percolating in my head for months and I’m starting to get anxious to work on it. But first, Lindsey and Sam need to find their HEA.

As I prepare for a trip to the Caribbean, Thanksgiving (!), Black Friday (!!), and a month of steady writing, here’s a look back at what I did in October:


Amazon First Reads is a program that allows Kindle readers to access new books at a discounted price before they’re available to the masses. For some reason the editors’ picks don’t typically appeal to me, so I don’t often partake, but this month a book called Daughters of the Lake caught my eye. When the body of a woman who’s been dead for nearly a century washes up, perfectly preserved, on the shores of Lake Superior, newly-divorced Kate Granger is shocked to realize she recognizes the woman from her dreams. I won’t give the rest away (I can’t, because I’m not done yet), but so far it’s really holding my attention and I’m highly likely to check out other books by Wendy Webb once I’m finished.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a wuss when it comes to horror. Obvious scares, gore, blood and guts don’t bother me at all, but the quiet creeps get me every single time. The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix is exactly the kind of thing that’s bound to give me nightmares, but I can’t stop watching it. I haven’t finished it, because I only have it in me to watch 2-3 episodes at a time and my schedule doesn’t allow for regular binge-watching, but it definitely has me hooked.


I will never not recommend Skinnytaste. It would be impossible for every single recipe to be a home run, but enough of them are that I’ll tell everyone I know about her for as long as she’s around. The new Skinnytaste cookbook, Skinnytaste One and Done, came out in mid-October and I’ve been making a lot of recipes from it. Meant for busy cooks such as myself and developed with the intention of using just one main vessel (such as a sheet pan, a Crock Pot, a skillet, and my new favorite, the Instant Pot), it makes coming home after a lo-o-o-oong day at work and cooking a healthy, delicious meal that much easier. 

That’s it for October! I’m off to Punta Cana!

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