Book Cover Wednesday

When I’m not writing, I’m designing. And when I’m designing, it’s usually a book cover. I design covers for my own books (those I’ve written, those that are just kernels of ideas, and those I might never actually write), for the authors in Five Directions Press, and occasionally, for an independent author who has no connection to me but who is kind enough to allow me to play. 

I also love looking at book covers. And on the third Wednesday of every month, I’ll be using my blog to share a book cover I love. Today’s post is special, because I’m revealing the updated cover for my own 2015 novel, Some Rise by Sin!

In celebration of the new cover, and the fact that the eBook will be available from Barnes and Noble and Kobo after August 18, I’m giving away five copies of Some Rise by Sin with the original cover. Want to win a copy? Simply comment below with your full name and preferred social media handle (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so I can get in touch with you if you win!

Are you an author in need of cover design or print formatting? Contact me! I’m in the process of putting together a portfolio, and I would love to help you out – for free*!

*I won’t charge for design services, but you’ll be responsible for providing (or paying for) any stock images or fonts to be used in the design.

DISCLAIMER: The covers posted on Book Cover Wednesday are not my designs, but those of other talented cover designers. I claim no involvement in their creation nor ownership over them – I just like them!

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