Review: Marketing Makeover by Olivia Flaggert

It’s no secret that we independent authors have our work cut out for us when it comes to getting the word out about our books. Most of us want nothing more than to pump out stories, then sit back and wait for the world to fall in love with them. Unfortunately, this (usually) doesn’t work. So while most of my reading time is spent either on fiction or writing craft books, I picked up Marketing Makeover by Olivia Flaggert in hopes of learning some techniques that will help me get my name – and the names of my books – out there. Did I? Read on…

Marketing Makeover was a basic but excellent foray into principles one absolutely must know if they’re to be successful at not only alerting potential customers (or readers) to their existence, but at keeping the attention on them. From dressing professionally (something authors, typically hidden behind a computer screen, might not feel they need to know, but something they should know in case the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion or pitch to agents arises) to marketing while barely lifting a finger, I took away from this book a lot of good pointers at presenting myself in the best light possible – and keeping that light shining on me. 

The book is short, and doesn’t go too in-depth. That’s a good thing. In my experience, the more information thrown at me, especially about a subject in which I have no experience, the less apt I am to retain any of it. The information presented in Marketing Makeover was not only easy to understand – it was easy to learn, and promises to be easy to implement. I’m very much looking forward to using the tips I picked up to get the word out about my books, and strongly recommend it to anyone whose marketing plan is in need of a makeover.

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