A Five Directions Press Update

Five Directions Press has come a long way since our early days. No longer are we a tiny group of three sitting around a dining room table wondering if we’re going to get our books finished in time to have a release – any release – this year. Instead, 2016 saw us double in size and add not only American members far from our little Philadelphia suburb, but our first international member, and all of these new writers contribute impressive

LWoAtH coverJoan Schweighardt is the author of such books as Virtual Silence and The Accidental Art Thief, and we are so happy to have reissued her novel The Last Wife of Attila the Hun. Joan comes to us from the now-defunct Booktrope Editions and Last Wife has been enthusiastically endorsed by such authors as Diana L. Paxson, Julie Mars and Julie Shigekuni. It was given a Five Directions Press makeover, including interior formatting and a new cover designed by yours truly.


Denise Allan Steele comes to us from San Francisco by way of Scotland and her debut novel, Rewind, is slated for release by the end of this year. Rewind tells the tale of a teenage girl growing up in Scotland in the 1970s, the era of Margaret Thatcher and coal strikes, and what happens when she returns home for a funeral and is confronted by her past. 



Falcon Cover 1 - FInalGabrielle Mathieu is our international author, and the first installment of her Falcon series, The Falcon Flies Alone, is an exciting and dramatic historical fantasy set in Switzerland and Germany and explores the infancy of psychedelic drugs. The Falcon Flies Alone is slated for release on August 3. Gabrielle herself lives in Switzerland and has two more Falcon books in various stages of development, which will be released over the next few months.

Not only did we add three new authors to our shelves, but our veteran members have been busy expanding their own backlists. C.P. Lesley released the third novel in her Legends of the Five Directions series, The Swan Princess, in April. Ariadne Apostolou is putting the finishing touches on four novellas, grouped together under the title West End Quartet and due to be released by the end of the year. And I will be releasing my second novel, the first installment of my Silver Bells contemporary holiday romance series, on November 3. 

Ariadne is also a talented artist and has been hard at work this summer on developing coloring pages related to 5DP novels. So far she has produced pages for C.P.’s Legends series and Joan’s Last Wife novel, and is now sketching out scenes for Gabrielle’s The Falcon Flies Alone and my own A Holiday Wish. To download these, just sign up for our newsletter – they’re free, and we’re adding more with each new book release!

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