Winter is coming…

When I was a kid, I was a night owl. There was nothing I loved more than staying up until the wee hours, reading one of the hundreds of books piled up around my room or – better yet – writing one of my own. I didn’t have a computer until I as much older than my friends so all of my stories were written by hand, on a yellow legal pad or in a spiral notebook. In pen, because I loved the ruffly sounds the pages made after they’d been covered in words. I would stay up long past the time my parents went to bed, pouring out my literary fantasies to the crackling hum of my window unit air conditioner – since, of course, I could only stay up past midnight in the summer, when there was no school.

As an adult, nobody tells me what time to go to bed. But I’m a grown-up with a day job so I don’t often get to see two a.m. Yet something about nighttime in summer still stirs something in me. My husband works six nights a week so I’m almost always alone after 8 p.m. (and don’t go getting any ideas – we have an alarm system and a cat who will snuggle an intruder to death, not to mention almost nothing worth stealing). And something about the heat of our house’s upstairs hall combined with the chill of our air-conditioned bedroom and the silence of a near-empty house stokes the creative flames deep inside me. I might not stay up until two or three in the morning scribbling stories on a legal pad, but for the last few nights I’ve been inspired to stay up until ten or eleven, pounding away on the keyboard, and have come up with the first chapter of A Holiday Gift, book 2 in the Silver Bells series. Talk about Christmas in July…

On that note, I’d like to announce that the official release date of A Holiday Wish is November 3! The book should be up for preorder sometime in October, and I’ve got a blog tour lined up about which I’ll be posting more information as soon as I have it. Believe it or not, the holiday season is a mere four months away, and I’m so excited to have my first Christmas book ready to go!

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