Will Work for Books

I’ve complained about my job a lot on this blog. Most of those posts ended up deleted as a result of one purge or another, but rest assured, whether or not the complaints were allowed to stay posted, aside from two very big plusses (they let me write and design, and I made a few wonderful friends), that job sucked. I mean sucked.

Well, I no longer have that job. 

This past Monday I started my new – and hopefully last – job. And this one doesn’t suck. I’m still in training and have a lot to learn before I can do the job on my own, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially a Publishing Specialist at a self-publishing company. 

It’s pretty much a dream come true. I get to talk to authors all day, every day. I get to meet other writers, because many of the people who work for the company are writers themselves. I get to immerse myself daily in the process of creating a book. 

child-360791_640The only downside, besides less time with my night-job-working husband, is the lack of time I have to devote myself to my own writing. If I get there early enough, there’s a fantastic cafeteria area with free coffee (another dream come true) where I can work until it’s time to do the work they actually pay me for, but once my time rolls around, I have to pack it up. So while A Holiday Wish is ready for production, A Holiday Gift might be a bit more difficult. I have signed up for Camp NaNo, though, and I’m almost done outlining, so with luck, I can get a third of the way through a rough draft by July 31. My new job also begins at a time that doesn’t require me to keep senior citizen hours, so I can get a good chunk of writing done at night after my husband leaves for work. Once I get used to it, that is. My brain still wants to fall asleep at 8:30, but my body knows that I don’t really need ten hours of sleep. It might be a while before they learn to communicate effectively.

To the other writers, or anyone else who might happen across this, I’d like to hear how you manage to balance your job with your passion. Which one takes precedence? Or are you one of the lucky ones whose job is your passion?

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