10 Books That Have Helped Me Learn to Write

(A day late – my apologies! I was offered a new job last week, and since giving my two weeks notice at my current job, I’ve been feeling like a cat without its whiskers. I honestly didn’t even remember yesterday was Blog Day until a few minutes ago.)

I imagine that it’s not just readers who visit my site – but other writers too. I’ve recently joined a great writing group on Facebook and a topic that seems to come up regularly is that of our favorite books on craft. That inspired me to write a post listing the ten books I’ve considered the most helpful over the course of my writing journey – a journey which is far from over, so I’m sure at some point, I might have a list of twenty or even fifty books I couldn’t live without. But for now, here are the ten books I will never, ever remove from my shelf. All books are available from Amazon.

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