Where I Am Right Now

Today’s post is just a quick update on the status of A Holiday Wishand my plans for now and beyond.

AAHWCover Holiday Wish is with beta readers, and one has already given it back to me with really helpful comments that I’ve already incorporated. I’m still waiting to hear from five others, but so far, it seems like impressions all-around have been positive! Is it possible that I actually wrote a good book? I mean, I like it when I read it, but that’s because I wrote it. Sometimes we authors are like mothers who look at their extremely physically unattractive kids kicking the crap out of other kids on the playground and think no child has ever been more beautiful or perfect. (Then there are the times that we go full on Tiger Mom and ground a kid for bringing home a report card that’s all As except for one B. We authors are a temperamental bunch.)

While my betas are reading, I’ve been busy. I’m planning the official launch for A Holiday Wish, doing my research and making notes on what makes a book release successful. There will be a soft launch in the fall, followed by an official release date a few days after that – I know when, but I’m not ready to say, so stay tuned for more concrete info. I’m also looking into booking blog tours, coming up with some teasers to whet the appetite, and thinking about possible contests to ramp up interest. I want to do something completely different from the launch of my first book, where I did nothing but shout a few times on Facebook. I’m very proud of A Holiday Wish and I want to give it the launch it deserves!

I’m also working on sketching out Book 2 in the Silver Bells Series, A Holiday Gift. I know a good deal about it already, such as the fact that it will run concurrently with A Holiday Wish and will feature different characters, with just a slight overlap. If all goes according to plan and I can get it written in a year (which I now know I can do), it should be ready in time for the 2017 holiday season. More on that in the next few months!

So that’s where I am at the moment. One book in the can and one in development. And since I’m a complete noob when it comes to marketing and promotion, I think I’ll end by asking – what kind of things would you like to see surrounding the release of a new book? Contests or giveaways? What kind of blog posts would you read? What can an author do to make you interested in their book?

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