Draft 1 in the bag!

photoLast Thursday I completed the rough draft of my second novel, A Holiday Wish. Considering my first novel took seven years from inception to publication, I feel a little dazed. I mean, I’ve heard people say it, but I never knew it was actually possible to write a complete draft in a year!

Even though I’m dying to start tearing it apart, I’m forcing myself to leave it alone and not take a single peek for an entire 7 days before I start the editing/revising process. I’ve caught myself literally sitting on my hands to keep from opening the document and start tweaking. To keep myself busy, I’m 1) sketching a rough plot for Book 2, A Holiday Gift, and writing a few short pieces from the POV of other characters in A Holiday Wish. The point is to develop a deeper understanding of them to make the rewrite a little less painful, but in the event that they’re not too horrible and/or embarrassing, I just might post them here.

Stay tuned for updates and publication information – I should have more in the next few months!

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