Writing Room Makeover, Part II

Well, after a few weekends, two busted ankles, 4.75 gallons of  (white) paint spilled down the stairs, and a picture frame that fell off the wall at 1:30 A.M. and created an ocean of glass I’m still vacuuming up, I finally have my office-slash-shrine to the UK. (I’m an Anglophile. Always have been. Lots of people know this, which is why I get an “England box”  from my mom for Christmas every year and things that say “Keep Calm and Carry On” from others for my birthday.)

It wasn’t easy getting this done and staying alive and/or married…but we did! My ankles are healing nicely, the walls of the stairwell have been repainted, the paint scraped off of the hardwood floors, and the carpet on the stairs replaced (which we’d planned to do anyway, just not until a few other big projects were done.) And I finally have a room of my very own in which I can write, read, draw, or just escape when the spirit moves me. So without further adieu, I give you…the makeover reveal.

So there you have it – aside from a few last-minute details (such as hemming the curtains, blowing up my stability ball so I can sit on that rather than the chair, finally getting up the last grain-of-sand-sized bits of glass from the broken picture frame) it’s perfect – the office of my dreams. Now, to carve out time to actually go in there and write…

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