A New Year’s Resolution

One of my new year’s resolutions (yes, I make them; no, I rarely keep them) is to start blogging more. I’ve tried time and time again, and I don’t know what it is – the having to keep a schedule, the inability to come up with interesting topics, the thought that I’m not someone chock-full of words that anyone will want to hear (great attitude for a novelist, that) – that keeps me from sticking to it. But in 2016, I am going to make a solid effort to do it, and in order to keep myself interested (and interesting), I won’t be blogging much about my books or my writing process. Instead, I’m pretty much just going to blog about me.

So if you have any interest in all at getting to know me and what makes me tick, either click to follow the blog or find me on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to have a new post up every Wednesday! You’ll be able to find new posts on the Blog section of the site.

Happy New Year!

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