June Update

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I released Some Rise by Sin into the wild. So far, I’m really satisfied with the response! If anyone out there has purchased and read the book, no matter what you thought of it, would you be so kind as to post a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and/or Goodreads? I’m not looking for a 5,000 word essay, I promise! Just your reaction. My fellow authors at Five Directions Press and myself have been working hard to get our name out there. A review for me also brings attention to them. Every little bit helps!

I’ve also been tossing around ideas for the companion to Some Rise by Sin, to be titled (of course) Some by Virtue Fall. I have a few little nuggets of plot, but so far nothing concrete – except for one scene that I know MUST be in the book. Once I figure out how to get to that scene, and where to go once it’s over, it will be much easier. I think. In the meantime, to keep the creative juices flowing I’m working on something new. Right now all I can say is that it’s the polar opposite to SRbS. And “polar” may or may not be a clue. More on that later…or now, if you have the time to go poking around the website!

Finally, for those in the Delaware County, Pennsylvania area, Five Directions Press will have a booth at the Swarthmore Borough Library’s Independent’s Day Book Fair on July 2. Stop by between the hours of 2 pm and 4:30 pm to meet us, have a chat and get a discount on any of our print books! This is our first public appearance as a press and we could not be more excited. Hope to see you there!

I hope everyone has a great summer!

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