Beta Copies Going Out This Week

Well, it’s finally that time. I’ve accomplished what I (and, likely, my parents and critique group) thought would never happen.

I completed my first round of revisions.

Finally. 19 months after typing the last page of Some Rise By Sin, I finished combing  each page for of cliches and anachronisms, awkwardly-worded sentences and continuity errors. Did I catch them all? Hell, no. I probably didn’t even catch half. But that’s where my lovely team of beta readers comes into play.

I’ve already given an electronic copy to two people. This week, two others will receive printouts. Am I freaked? Absolutely. The little voice in my head has been knocking on the inside of my skull whispering “Hey. You there? You know you’re a terrible writer, right? And the only reason you’ll get any good feedback is because these people like you and don’t want to hurt your feelings?”

Well, you know what, Voice? You can shut up. Because I finished this thing in spite of you. I might be a terrible writer, but at least I’m a writer who’s finished a book. Even if it did take 6 years.


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